" You can expect a long-term relationship when working with Jacques Financial Group".-JFG

In reality, our client relationships often reach multiple generations. Paying careful attention to detail and comprehending a deep understanding of your finances, we will help you convert your debt into wealth.

At JFG, we value your success and testimonials. For this reason, we choose to offer FREE consultation services; 

  1. Credit Consultation Counseling

  2. Benefits Call for Debt elimination 

  3. Financial needs analysis

We are your strongest financial advocates. During  our FREE consultation appointments we'll answer questions you may have, gather basic information about your debts, the best game plan for debt elimination and advice and assistance on how to create wealth with the resources you already have. At no time will there be any pressure to get started in converting your debt into wealth. 

In the world of wealth management, transparency is paramount.  You’ve worked hard to build your assets, which is why we’re committed to annual performance reviews.

 We provide our clients with an annual from debt to wealth evaluation kit.

In this evaluation, we recap all the game plan and make sure you are receiving measurable and significant results with the plan implemented.


Contact us to get started in becoming financially free!

Rony Jacques - CEO

Jacques is committed to serving you and your family in helping to meet your financial goals. He is passionate and takes his role seriously since overcoming financial struggles due to unexpected tragedies in his own life. Statistics show that over 30% of families are not properly insured should something devastating happen to the breadwinner of the home. More importantly, many families do not know how to convert debt into wealth. 

Jaques plans to solve that problem, by helping one family at a time.

Janelle Jacques - Partner

Janelle is the wife of Jacques, and since implementing the secrets of converting debt into wealth in her own life; it is nearly impossible not to share and show others how to obtain the same results.  From removing & eliminating debt, erasing negative items on credit reports, to building a retirement income to over 1 million dollars. We are passionate about reducing your debt fast and growing your wealth quickly.